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Basketball Stars


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Are you ready to take on the challenge of becoming a basketball star? Look no further than Big Tower Tiny Square’s exhilarating 2D multiplayer basketball game! Created by the talented team at Madpuffers, this arcade-style game is not just easy to learn, but difficult to master. Get ready to shoot hoops like never before!

Get in the Game

At Big Tower Tiny Square, we believe in providing our players with the ultimate gaming experience. In Basketball Stars, your goal is to outscore your opponent by shooting the ball into the basket. With its fast-paced gameplay and realistic physics, this game will keep you on your toes, making every shot and move count.

Master the Controls

To excel in Basketball Stars, it’s essential to master the game controls. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Arrow keys: Move your player around the court.
  • Spacebar: Shoot the ball with precision.
  • C: Dribble the ball like a pro.
  • Z: Perform a behind-the-back dribble.
  • X: Show off your skills with a between-the-legs dribble.

How to Play

Whether you prefer challenging a friend or facing off against a random opponent online, Basketball Stars has got you covered. Choose between 2 player mode or compete in thrilling tournaments against other skilled players. Aim high and prove your worth on the court!

Explore Endless Possibilities

At Big Tower Tiny Square, we believe in providing players with endless entertainment. Basketball Stars offers a variety of exciting features to keep you engaged:

  • Free to play: Enjoy the game without spending a dime.
  • Diverse characters: Choose from a range of unique characters, each with their own special abilities.
  • Customization: Personalize your player’s appearance and skills to make them truly shine.
  • Various game modes: Take your pick from quick match, tournament, and practice modes.
  • Regular updates: Experience new content, including characters, skills, and game modes, with frequent updates.

Tips for Success

To become a true Basketball Star, keep in mind these helpful tips:

  • Utilize your dribble moves to outmaneuver your opponents.
  • Don’t shy away from shooting from long range.
  • Make use of your special skills to score easy points.
  • Practice, practice, practice! The more you play, the better you’ll become.

Ready to shoot for the stars? Head over to Big Tower Tiny Square and experience the thrill of Basketball Stars today!