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Bouncy Basketball


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Are you ready to jump into the pixelated world of Bouncy Basketball? This one-button, 2D physics-based game will have you bouncing around the court, aiming for those satisfying baskets. Whether you’re playing against the CPU or challenging a friend in two-player mode, Bouncy Basketball is guaranteed to bring the fun.

How to Play Bouncy Basketball

To show off your skills in Bouncy Basketball, all you need is the spacebar or the D key to jump. Once you’re in the air, release the spacebar or D key to shoot the ball towards the hoop. And don’t forget, you can use the arrow keys to maneuver your player around the court.

Aim for Victory

The goal of Bouncy Basketball is simple: score more points than your opponent. You can achieve this by making baskets, with closer shots earning you more points. If you want to add a touch of flair to your game, go for a dunk and watch as your opponents’ morale deflates.

Tips for Success

Here are some tips to help you dominate the court in Bouncy Basketball:

  • Jump high: When shooting the ball, try to jump as high as possible by using the spacebar or D key. This will increase your chances of making that coveted shot.
  • Aim for the center: Take aim at the center of the hoop to maximize your chances of scoring. Precision is key!
  • Master your movement: Utilize the arrow keys to navigate the court swiftly, avoiding blocks from your opponent and creating opportunities for yourself.
  • Dunk like a pro: Don’t hesitate to go for a dunk! It’s not only a stylish move but also an effective way to secure points and leave your opponents awestruck.
  • Embrace the joy: Whether you’re playing solo or challenging friends, remember to have fun! Bouncy Basketball is all about enjoying the game and embracing the excitement it brings.


Here’s a quick reminder of the controls you’ll need to conquer Bouncy Basketball:

  • Jump: Spacebar or D key
  • Shoot: Release spacebar or D key
  • Move: Arrow keys

So, gather your friends or embark on a solo adventure and experience the thrill of Bouncy Basketball. Take your skills to new heights, make those baskets count, and savor the joy of victory. Ready? Let’s bounce into action with Big Tower Tiny Square!

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