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4th and Goal 2019


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4th and Goal 2019 is an exciting American football game that allows players to experience the thrill and intensity of the sport. Developed by Big Tower Tiny Square, this game will put your football knowledge and skills to the test. Whether you’re a seasoned football fan or new to the sport, 4th and Goal 2019 offers hours of fun and strategic gameplay.

  • Arrow keys: Move the player
  • Spacebar: Snap the ball, spin moves while running
  • A, S, D keys: Pass the ball, dive or jump for interceptions on defense, speed boost on offense
  • W key: Speed boost or big hit on defense, sprint on offense

In 4th and Goal 2019, the goal is simple: score touchdowns and prevent your opponents from doing the same. You can choose to play as offense or defense. As an offensive player, your objective is to move the ball down the field by passing and running. Coordinate with your teammates, avoid tackles, and aim for the end zone to score points. On defense, you must stop the opposing team from advancing by tackling their players or intercepting their passes.

The game is divided into four quarters, with each team getting a chance to play offense and defense. Strategic decision-making plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of the game. Choose the right plays, analyze the field positions, and execute your moves with precision to outwit your opponents.

  • Study the playbook: Familiarize yourself with different offensive and defensive plays. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each play will give you an edge over your opponent.
  • Mix up your plays: Don’t become predictable. Alternate between running and passing plays to keep the defense guessing.
  • Utilize special moves: Take advantage of spin moves, speed boosts, and big hits to gain an advantage on the field.
  • Pay attention to the clock: Manage your time effectively. If you’re winning, run down the clock to secure the victory. If you’re trailing, use quick, high-risk plays to catch up.

4th and Goal 2019 is developed by Big Tower Tiny Square, a game development company known for creating engaging and addictive sports games. With their attention to detail and commitment to providing realistic gameplay experiences, Big Tower Tiny Square continues to deliver top-notch games that cater to sports enthusiasts.

4th and Goal 2019 is available to play on various platforms, including:

  • Desktop browsers (Windows and Mac)
  • Mobile browsers (iOS and Android)

To play 4th and Goal 2019 unblocked, simply visit the official website of Big Tower Tiny Square at The game can be accessed directly from the website without any restrictions, allowing you to enjoy the game to its fullest potential. So gather your friends, get competitive, and experience the thrill of American football with 4th and Goal 2019!

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